Japanse Incense bowl Koro handmade from quality wood

Japanese incense bowl traditional model. The incense bowls are hand turned from quality wood with a copper or steel inlay. The bowl has a classic Japanese design as commonly used in Japanese altars and temples. The maker, Tom van Dijk, lived in Japan for years and was involved in several woodworking projects.

Beautiful on a (Buddhist) altar or in an oriental / eastern interior. The incense burner is commonly filled with white sand, which holds the incense sticks very well (bag of white sand and bundle of Japanese incense are included). The depth of the inlay makes this bowl also suitable for longer and heavier incense sticks. The incense burners are available in the following wood types: Maple (yellowish color), Walnut (darkbrown color), Padouk (red color), and Purple heart (purple color).

Japanese incense bowl handmade | maple padouk purple heart wood traditional Japanese incense burner hand turned
Japanese incense bowl purple heart, padouk and maple
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Wood turning at the workshop in Groningen city
Japanese incense bowl handmade | maple wood traditional Japanese incense burner hand turned
Incensebowl in maple
Big size incense bowls with base

Information and orders

The incense bowls are available in two sizes. The standard model has a diameter of 12.5 cm and height of 6.5 cm. The big model with base has a diameter of 15 cm and height of 8,5 cm. Both models are made from a massive piece of wood. In consultation, incense bowls can be custom-sized.

The copper inlay of the incense bowls has a diameter of 8 cm and depth of 4.5 cm, which gives enough margin for longer and heavier incense sticks to stand firmly. A bag of white sand and a bundle of Japanese incense are included. The copper inlay is hand forced by coppersmith Wissink

Models and prices

Japans incense bowl standard size (diameter 12.5cm, height 6.5cm)
Available wood types for standard model: maple (yellowish color), walnut (darkbrown color), padouk (red color) and purple heart (purple color)
Price: 149 euro

Japanese incense bowl big size with base (diameter 15 cm, height 8.5cm)
Available wood types for big model: Maple (big model walnut is sold out)
Price: 249 euro


Shipping within Netherlands: 9,90 euro

Shipping within EU: 19,90 euro

Shipping to USA and other countries outside EU: around 45 euro (can vary)

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Ordering a Japanese Incense bowl

For orders please contact Tom van Dijk:

Email: tom@zengroningen.nl
Phone: +31(0)616730227
Whatsapp: +31(0)616730227

Zen Centrum Groningen
Nieuwstraat 106
9724 KR Groningen
The Netherlands

Incense bowl included in Japanese / Chinese inspired altar

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