Meditation at Groningen Zen Center

Groningen Zen Center offers Weekly Zen meditation from the Meditation room in Oosterpoort district (10 minutes walking distance from Groningen railway station). Zen Centrum Groningen was founded by Tom van Dijk, who spent over five years at the Japanese Zen monastery SogenJi in Okayama. Upon his return to Groningen in 2014, he founded Groningen Zen Center, from which he offers weekly meditation courses, individual coaching, and intensive meditation days.

Current meditation groups
Monday 19:30-21:15

Upcoming Introduction courses fall 2019
Tuesday 19:30-21:00 from September 10th – November 26th
Thursday 19:30-21:00 from September 26th – December 12th (start is possible until October 10th)

Please contact Tom van Dijk if you want to join a course of group:

Phone: +31(0)616730227

Groningen Zen Center
Nieuwstraat 106 (about 10 mins from Groningen railway station)
9724 KR Groningen

Meditation at Groningen Zen Center